Guess Which ‘Key & Peele’ Character Might Get a Movie

09.26.14 3 years ago

Here's a good life mantra: More “Key and Peele” please.

Apparently the hilarious Comedy Central sketch series may be getting a movie adaptation starring one of Keegan-Michael Key's best-known characters. Can you guess which one?

Ah. Here he is, this brilliant man.

Yep, Substitute Teacher may be headed for the big screen.

Key told Entertainment Weekly, “We”re in negotiations at Paramount to make a 'Substitute Teacher' movie. Two of our writers are penning it. Well, they”re not penning it as we speak – it”s getting there.”

Hard to tell how they'll be able to transform the hilarious bit into a 90-minute epic, but I care enough about “MacGruber” to believe it's possible.

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