Guns N’ Roses tells crowd ‘We Won’t Rock You,’ after pelted by bottles

09.02.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

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Have Guns N” Roses fans really not learned the drill yet? Could there be any Axl Rose fan left in the universe who truly expects the band to go on when it says it will? Well, apparently yes.

Last night at Dublin”s O2 Arena, the GN”R took the stage 70 minutes later than expected, which is probably just enough time for an already drunk crowd to turn mean. 

The band opened with “Welcome to the Jungle,” but was pelted by water bottles (see, there”s at least one reason they won”t give us bottles here in the U.S. and the beer is served in plastic cups). Rose told the crowd to stop it or they would quit playing. Or, as the below video says, “All right, here”s the deal: one more bottle, we go home. It”s up to you.”

Apparently, the crowd wanted the the group to go home because three songs later, that”s what Guns N” Roses did, according to musicradar. Left the stage. Like Axl has done before. 

No word on if the venue is offering refunds, although we doubt it because, technically, the band did finish the show, going back on after another hour delay to a mainly empty venue (there are conflicting reports as to whether Rose ever returned to the stage). The promoter MCD and the venue issued a statement, according to the AP, taking Rose to task for coming on late, but added that “no artist should be subjected to missiles and unknown substances being thrown at them.” Missiles? 

Listen, if Kings of  Leon walks off after three songs because of a little pigeon poop, we surely don”t expect GN”R to stick around with bottles flying.

Watch below: It’s short, but you get the point.

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