‘Hannibal’: Mads Mikkelsen thinks show could be back from the dead

05.03.16 2 years ago

In the world of Hannibal, death was never pretty. So it only seems fitting that the demise of the show itself is equally gory.

Rather than letting the NBC series rest in peace, Mads Mikkelsen believes the show could be back “within the next two to three years.” The man who played the infamous Dr. Hannibal Lecter made this pronouncement in a recent interview with the Daily Express.

“It all depends on [show creator] Bryan [Fuller]. He is the key, the base, the heart,” Mikkelsen said. “We will wait and see what happens next in his career. But we all know that we can easily pick this up…If Bryan is up for it, we will all go for it.”

Mikkelsen continued, “We felt there were more stories. We thought we ended the show in a great way, but we had more to tell.”

This isn”t the first musing about a return for the not-so-good doctor. At Comic-Con last year, Fuller told attendees that he”d hoped that the cancelled series might have a future at another network or as a movie.

At the time, Fuller said of the show”s potential next home, “We are still looking…We don”t have a lot of answers and we”re looking at the possibility of a feature.” Unfortunately for fans, in July 2015 Netflix and Amazon both passed on bringing it back.

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