Happy birthday, Parker Posey: 7 moments of brilliance

11.09.15 2 years ago

Parker Posey, who has been called “quirky” more times than a coloring book illustration of Zooey Deschanel, just celebrated her 46th birthday. Because I can't think of a more distinct and slyly bad-ass addition to the silver screen, let's count up seven moments of Posey greatness. 

1. The Dairy Queen returns to her kingdom in “Waiting for Guffman”

You can also get a couple of Cokes there.

2. Darla teaches us the ropes in this improvised “Dazed and Confused” interview.

Her complicated feelings about boys are downright poetic.

3. Her quick introduction to Gale Weathers in “Scream 3”

HitFix's own Chris Eggertsen once ranked the greatest characters in the “Scream” franchise. I've double-checked that the rankings are 100% accurate, particularly where Parker Posey's performance as the unforgettable Jennifer Jolie comes in. 

4. A match made in macchiato heaven: “Best in Show”

5. Tori Spelling gets a big no in “House of Yes”

Parker tears up Tori Spelling here. I cherish this film for giving us a '90s Genevieve Bujold moment.

6. That time Parker — er, Jan — opened up an Emmy-centric acting class.

Is there a finer human name than Jan? 

7. You messed with the wrong librarian in “Party Girl”

Melvil Dewey has a system. Your system doesn't matter. Understand?

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