Harrison Ford continues his ‘Star Wars’ toy path of destruction on ‘Conan’

12.18.15 2 years ago


Guys, I'm starting to think that Harrison Ford doesn't really like “Star Wars” toys. 

After he spent part of his appearance on “The Tonight Show” ripping apart a Han Solo doll, he took out a Lego Millennium Falcon on last night's “Star Wars”-centric “Conan.”

“Conan” associate producer Jordan Schlansky is a “Star Wars” superfan. Jordan Schlansky is also Jordan Schlansky, so when he got a chance to meet Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams, he spent most of it boring them to tears asking about the grips on Luke Skywalker's lightsaber. Then he asked Ford to sign his Millennium Falcon. And not just any Millennium Falcon — it's the Lego Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon, which is worth thousands of dollars, according to a quick glance of eBay. 

Ford took the Millennium Falcon in his arms and immediately tossed it over his shoulder “accidentally.” As it is a Lego set, it was promptly destroyed. Ford did end up signing a piece of it, but Jordan Schlansky had already walked off by that point, so Ford threw the piece back in the pile and then threw the pen offstage, presumably at Jordan Schlansky's sad face.

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