Hawthorne Heights Moves to Wind-Up Records

02.02.09 9 years ago

Hawthorne Heights

Emo band Hawthorne Heights has switched labels from Chicago-based Victory Records to New York’s Wind-Up Records.

The band’s relationship with Victory had been a rocky one, with the band suing the label for breach of contract, among other causes. A federal judge ruled that Hawthorne Heights could record for another label, leaving the door open for the switch. Its pact with Wind-Up is a 360 deal, meaning Wind-Up will participate in all facets of the group’s business, including recording, merchandise, touring and publishing.

Hawthorne Heights released three albums on Victory. The first, 2004’s “The Silence in Black and White” remains its top seller. It has been certified platinum, while the 2006 follow-up, “If Only You Were Lonely,” has been gold-certified.
The group’s fourth studio album-and first for Wind-Up,” will come out later this year.

Wind-Up is also home to such acts as Evanescence, Seether, Finger Eleven and Cartel.

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