HBO unveils ‘The Newsroom’ posters

06.14.13 4 years ago

HBO unveils “The Newsroom” posters
One for each character, complete with a quote. PLUS: Spoiler: Aaron Sorkin may be ahead of the news this season, instead of two years behind.

HBO teases “True Detective” starring Woody Harrelson & Matthew McConaughey
Michelle Monaghan also stars in the serial killer drama debuting next year.

Discovery sued after a reality show’s pyrotechnic disaster kills 1 woman
A rocket malfunctioned last year during filming of the military-themed “Brothers in Arms,” killing Terry Flanell. Her family has filed suit against Discovery.

Charlie Sheen calls “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham a “desperate guzzler of douche agua”
Sheen wasn’t happy that Farrah leaked their private text conversations.

Eve Best exiting “Nurse Jackie”
It was her decision not to return for Season 7.

“Burn Notice” bringing back Garret Dillahunt
His character key in the Michael story will return in an episode this season.

“Real Housewives” wedding: Joanna Krupa ties the knot

The former “Dancing” star got married in a $1 million “Princess Wedding.”

CBS moves “Brooklyn DA” to Saturdays

The first three episodes aired on Tuesdays.

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