Here’s a look at Idris Elba on the cover of Interview Magazine

07.07.16 1 year ago

This morning, Interview Magazine unveiled its August cover featuring Idris Elba. The issue, which hits newsstands on July 12, features an interview with Elba conducted by director Jon Favreau (Iron Man, The Jungle Book) in which the two chat about everything from working with strong directors to Elba's work as a DJ. 

In the lengthy interview – which you can read in full here – Elba also opens up about trying to have it all and juggle everything in his life: 

“When you break it down like that, it”s unhealthy to have that much going on. [laughs] I don”t want to sound ungrateful or anything, but I sleep less, I”m constantly thinking, I”m constantly multitasking, and I really don”t know what the effects are going to be when I”m older. I don”t ever stop. Not because I”m greedy or anything, but I”m always creating, debating with the part of my brain that is dormant. Wondering how I can move in and create a bit more space and take a bit more time. But it”s almost like the more I achieve, the more capacity I have to achieve. I do worry sometimes about whether I”m going to burn out. Not burn myself out, but burn my art out, with audiences going, 'Ah, yeah, I”ve seen enough'.”

Here is a look at the official cover and a few photos from the issue (shot by photographer Craig McDean).

Credit: Craig McDean Credit: Craig McDean

Credit: Craig McDean

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