Here’s all the awesome stuff leaving Netflix in June

05.26.15 2 years ago

“The Silence of the Lambs”

This is definitely my favorite Best Picture-winning horror movie featuring Chris Isaak in a supporting role. Let's just think about the glamor of 1991 for a minute: “Point Break” occurred. Kate Nelligan was in whatever movie she wanted. CeCe Peniston was a reigning pop star, which is important because her last name has “penis” in it. And “Silence of the Lambs” was an ominous and unconventional movie that everyone agreed was fantastic. Anthony Hopkins is in “Silence of the Lambs” for less than 20 minutes but his performance lingers far after the credits roll. Jodie Foster is charismatic and august as Clarice Starling, who is no mood for fava beans by the time the movie is over.

“Rain Man”

I keep pretending I'm incapable of enjoying Tom Cruise in movies anymore, yet “Rain Man” is about as timeless and likable as a 1988 drama is allowed to be. Dammit, Tom! The problem is, there isn't another actor like Ol' Xenuface and we'll be stuck trying to calibrate his brand of cool, delirious, self-serious, unnerving starpower for decades. “The People's Court” is doubly iconic thanks to “Rain Man.” Well done, Levinson.

“Waking Life”

“Waking Life” came out when I was exactly 15 years old, and it's exactly the kind of film that impresses a 15-year-old, so I can't really give you a fair evaluation. Just know it is a rotoscoped movie (that is, an animated film where the artists trace over live-action footage) that explores existential issues like free will, dreams, and the meaning of life. Because it's a Richard Linklater film, you get an extra treat: Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy reprise their “Before Sunrise” characters in one scene. 


For an Oscar-winning George Clooney film, “Syriana” is not a movie we discuss much. Why is that? Maybe the multiple storylines were confusing and a little tedious to some. Whatever the reason, it's not as embarrassing as “Crash,” that year's Best Picture. Believe that word.

“Tank Girl”

Look, either you understand the glory of Lori Petty or you don't. And either you just said the words “Glory Petty” out loud to yourself or you don't. You can guess which team I'm on. This film is also notable for its soundtrack, which features the forgotten Bjork gem “Play Dead.” 

“Garfield and Friends, Vol. 1-2”

It's become tradition to trash “Garfield” for his endless obsession with Mondays, lasagna, and Abu Dhabi, but “Garfield and Friends” featured a number of cool characters and episodes. I absolutely love the voice of Garfield, Lorenzo Music, who (perhaps more famously) voiced the unseen Carlton on “Rhoda” in the '70s. I'm even a fan of the interstitial “U.S. Acres” cartoons featuring Orson the Pig, Roy the Rooster, and a comely female sheep named Lanolin. That is a clever sheep name. 

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