Here’s Bryan Cranston and James Franco in the first trailer for ‘Why Him?’

06.30.16 1 year ago

The basic premise of Why Him? – a father hates his daughter's new boyfriend – may feel totally overdone by this point but it's possible James Franco can breathe some new life into an old story. In the film, Franco plays Laird, an internet zillionaire with no filter who immediately clashes with his girlfriend's (Zoey Deutch) straight-laced father, Ned (Bryan Cranston). Would you believe me if I said hilarity ensues?

Laird wins over most of the family – including Ned's wife played by Megan Mullally – but Ned still isn't on board. It may not be the most original premise but it does benefit from great casting: Franco is always good when he's a blend of unhinged and charming, Cranston seems to be channeling his Malcolm and the Middle days, and the cast is rounded out by Keegan-Michael Key, Casey Wilson, and Andrew Rannells. 

Why Him? opens in theaters this December. 

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