Here’s Video Of Brad Pitt Throwing Matthew McConaughey A Beer Because This Is News?

Deputy Entertainment Editor

Over the weekend Matthew McConaughey was in New Orleans because everyone has to be somewhere, even famous people. He was there to film a bit for 'The Amazing Race' and ended up chilling out on a balcony, trying to have a conversation with Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints and ignore the whispering shutter clicks of paparazzi cameras. Then an amazing thing happened?? A wild Brad Pitt appeared. He used 'Do you want a beer?' and it was super effective. Pitt tossed a beer to McConaughey across the alley and for some reason we of the media lost our collective minds.

I've watched this video more times than I'm comfortable admitting in an attempt to suss out why this beer toss has captured the American imagination. Is it how effortlessly Pitt throws the aluminum can so that it glints in the dewy afternoon light? Is it how tantalizingly close to the ground second story French Quarter balconies are, which gives us plebeians false camaraderie with these titans of our age? Is it because this was a staged event? All of the above? None? It's a mystery for the ages. All I know is somehow as a society we deemed this more worthy of coverage than a possible practical solution to the clean energy problem and quite frankly, now I need a beer.

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