Here’s what ‘The Shining’ sisters look like now

05.27.15 2 years ago

In case you weren't aware, Stanley Kubrick's “The Shining” turned 35 years old on Saturday, and over the weekend Elstree Studios (where a majority of the film was shot) held an anniversary celebration with several members of the cast and crew, including Steadicam operator (and inventor) Garrett Brown, screenwriter Diane Johnson, executive producer Jan Harlan, Kubrick's daughter Katharina (who worked as a “location researcher” on the film) and, yes, the doomed Grady twins (Lisa and Louise Burns), whose stoic apparitions uttered the now-famous line: “Come and play with us Danny…forever…and ever…and ever.”

Speaking of the Grady twins, Lisa recalled their time working on the horror classic with an anecdote about Garrett Brown:

“It”s so lovely to be with the whole gang again…Mummy wouldn”t let us have a cup of coffee and a donut each, just half a cup and half a donut. But [Garrett] used to go around and get us an extra cup and a donut. It was like being part of a big family.”

Elstree Studios' official Twitter account also tweeted out a photo of the twins 35 years later (they were 10 at the time of production):


Here's a larger version:

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