Here’s why Halloween shouldn’t have Michael Myers

05.24.16 1 year ago

As we've previously reported, horror master John Carpenter is returning to the Halloween franchise to executive produce and score a new film under the Blumhouse banner. 

It's the kind of news that thrills horror fans. “YES!” was my immediate response after hearing the news, followed quickly by…”Wait, what does that mean for the film?”

We've seen many and varied explorations of the character that Carpenter introduced in his 1978 classic. As the director himself concedes, though, there's been too much backstory given to Michael Myers at this point.

Carpenter describes Myers as “a force of nature” that is part man and part “supernatural” entity. At the same time Carpenter says that he'd like see a return to the original Halloween's structure as a very simple, scary story.

So where does that leave us?

In the video above or below Roth Cornet and Chris Eggertsen pitch what they'd like to see happen with Carpenter's return to the Halloween franchise.

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Roth: @RothCornet

Chris: @HitfixChris

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