Watch: Highlights from Kristen Wiig’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ return

05.12.13 4 years ago


Was last night’s episode of “SNL” the worst of the year so far? According to at least one recapper, yes. Me, I was in bed sleeping with about three dozen vodka-soaked gummy bears churning in my belly. Nevertheless, I did manage to cull through some clips this afternoon to see if anything was worth recommending, and…well look, I did the best that I could.

1) “1-800 Flowers”

This pre-recorded faux-commercial sees Kate McKinnon’s wacky mom saying stuff like “last week your father and I watched a porno” to her exasperated, pastel-loving daughter (Wiig). Personal favorite moment: “What’s the latest with that LeAnn Rimes girl? What a saga that is!”

2) “Acupuncture”

When fake blood explodes from Jason Sudeikis’s back, everybody wins.

3) “Target Lady”

One of Wiig’s perennial favorite characters is back and…somehow less funny. But hey, it’s the Target Lady!

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