17 Hilarious Low Cost Costumes Anyone Can Make


With a Facebook motto of 'Everything is Cosplay' you get exactly what it says on the tin. Under the moniker of LowCostCosplay, Saengchart creates delightful costumes from everyday items found around his home, usually to intentionally comical results.

#1: Cyclops – 'The X-Men'

Photo Credit: Anucha Saengchart

Which is worse for your health? Being shot with laser beam eyes or eating hot dogs?


#2 – Maleficent – 'Maleficent
Photo Credit: Anucha Saengchart

Had Angelina Jolie had to drop out for any reason, he would've made an uncanny substitute.


#3 – Harry Potter – 'Harry Potter'

Photo Credit: Anucha Saengchart

Even Voldemort couldn't tell these two apart.

With over 83,000 followers and counting on Facebook, his quirky brand of costuming is sure to be around for a long time. After the jump, see fourteen more of his best creations, dreamed up and crafted during his off-time.

Via Kotaku

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