HitFix team kicks a** in Globes predictions

01.13.09 9 years ago

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

You must have faith in the HitFix.

Mr. Fienberg and I teamed up to pick both movie and TV winners in Tom O’Neil’s Envelope Golden Globe poll and, as you’d expect, we kicked ass! 

EW’s telegenic Dave Karger came out on top with 19 out of 25 overall categories (can he do anything wrong?), USA Today’s Scott Bowles came in second with 18 correct, HitFix (with a big nod to our Fien Print editor on the TV side) rang up 17 winners, O’Neil also had 17 and The Envelope’s Pete Hammond had 15 correct.  The rest of the pack found fast-rising Scott Feinberg, Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers and Star Magazine’s Marshall Fine with 14 right and Kris “Taps” Tapley chimed in with 11.

It’s worth noting that Fienberg correctly fed the Gabriel Byrne win for Best Actor in a TV Drama for “In Treatment,” making us the only pundits to get it right.  Of course,  Byrne didn’t show up at the ceremony because even he didn’t think he’d win.  Never doubt the Fienberg when it comes to the TV side of the Globes!

On just the movie side, I (with no help from Daniel mind you!) had 8 of 14 categories correct.  Bowles and Karger had 10 right while the Hollywood Reporter’s T.L. Stanley scored nine and Rope of Silicon’s Awards Season newbie Brad Brevet and O’Neil also had eight winners.

You can read the laundry list of pundits who followed far behind here.

On to the Oscars!

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