HitFix Daily Snap: The irreplaceable thing about ‘American Idol’

05.11.15 3 years ago

Is anyone else shocked and sort of impressed that “American Idol” is being canceled? It's a waning (waned?) juggernaut, but Fox could've easily kept it on another five years. Yes, it only produced a handful of big stars, but that's just a byproduct of the show's true gift: a platform that made real talents be both productive and vulnerable. When before “American Idol” did we see budding artists try hard in front of us? Every week was an audition, and not every audition was successful. Now that shows like “The Voice” and “Project Runway” have attempted to dramatize the hell out of every contestant story, it feels like the emotional side of reality competitions is reduced to cliche — but we can't forget that “Idol” gave it to us first and best.

Here's what else is up at HitFix today.

Edgar Wright interviewed “Ex Machina” director Alex Garland. This movie is damn good. Oscar Isaac is the movie star we deserve, guys.

Did you know I was on “Jeopardy!”? And that I lost? It's fine. But I do have one regret. 

We need more TV mothers. Here are my favorites: Norma on “The Wonder Years,” Peg on “Married… with Children,” and Patty Hewes on “Damages.” What a loser her kid was. 

And finally, an essay question about scary documentaries: Is “The Nightmare” the scariest doc ever? I'm still harrowed by the traumatized spelling children of “Spellbound,” personally. 

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