HitFix Interview: Interpol talks on Dave Pajo, arresting new music video

06.28.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Interpol made some media rounds before taking the stage at the Creators Project in New York on Saturday, a scene as dark and stylin’ as they are.

HitFix got a few words in with drummer Sam Fogarino and singer Paul Banks, the latter of whom made a costume change from Post-College Chic to All Black Everything between press and their 10 p.m. performance.

On the departure of longtime bassist Carlos D., the pair said that their shortlist for a replacement was exactly one name long: their adoption of former Slint player (and, regrettably, Zwan) and singer-songwriter phenom Dave Pajo was a “happy fit.”

“I remember listening to Slint’s ‘Spiderland’ in high school,” Banks said. Since the band’s self-titled album is already finished, ready for a September drop, Banks said Pajo hasn’t had time to creatively bring much to the band’s recording life. But live, they said, he brings new energy to a new “era” of Interpol.

The Milk Studios event was a mini-introduction to fresh material of “Interpol,” with live tries of tracks like single “Lights,” “Success” and “Summer Swell” (below). It was a taste of things to come on the band’s tour, kicking off in late July.

“We don’t look at [the shows] as an experiment,” Fogarino, calling them more like a “warm-up.” The pair said they’ll be playing a mix of all albums during the extensive stretch that takes them international through December.

New York shows, however, are different from the rest. Not only do performances in the Big Apple get a hometown spin, but it’s “tough to impress the crowd. There’s a lot less clapping,” Fogarino says. The band said it was still going to open for U2 when it makes up its canceled dates in 2011 “as far as we know.”

The band just released its official music video for “Lights” last week, also below; the buggy clip was directed Charlie White. Considering the Creators Project was a giant mishmash of technology, video and music, was the band shopping for its next video’s director there?

“That wouldn’t be a bad idea,” Banks said.

“Yo Spike,” deadpanned Fogarino, referring to Jonze.

Fogarino, the band’s “elder statesmen” — for the record — is one of the most naturally stylish men I’ve ever seen.

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