‘Honey Boo Boo’s’ Mama June is not dating a child molester, says daughter ‘Pumpkin’

10.23.14 3 years ago


“Honey Boo Boo”s” Mama June is not dating a child molester, says daughter “Pumpkin”
“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” star Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon says her Mama June is single and that a TMZ photo showing her with her ex-convict boyfriend who served 10 years for child molestation was photoshopped. “They haven”t seen nor talked (to each other) in 10 years,” Pumpkin tells RadarOnline. UPDATE: Mama June writes on Facebook: “It isnt true i promise,” My kids r #1 priority over anything else and I would never put them in danger period over this or anything else they r my life this is my past I left him 10 yrs ago for it and I wouldn't go back.”

ABC orders extra episodes of “Black-ish,” “The Goldbergs,” “Grey”s Anatomy” and many other shows
“Black-ish,” “The Goldbergs,” “Modern Family,” “The Middle” and “Grey”s” will each run 24 episodes this season. Meanwhile, “Castle” and “Once Upon a Time” have been bumped up to 23 episodes, while “Resurrection” has been upped to 14 episodes.

Fox”s Archie Comics drama series will be like “Archie meets David Lynch”
Archie Comics” chief creative officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who is writing “Riverdale” for Fox, says of the project: “Something we talk a lot about is, 'Imagine if Riverdale were like “Twin Peaks,” and was a really weird small town. But 'Twin Peaks' had some very funny black humor stuff to it; obviously it was very serious as well. So that kind of balance is what we're going to try to strike with the show.” PLUS: Why an Archie TV series might work.

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Aaron Paul goes on an anti-Toys ‘R Us rant over the pulling of “Breaking Bad” toys
Paul argues that Toys ‘R Us already sells products more damaging than the “Breaking Bad” action figures, like violent video games and Barbie. He also is urging “Breaking Bad” fans to sign a petition for Toys ‘R Us to reverse its decision.

Read an oral history of “The Wonder Years”
Says co-creator Neal Marlens: “We knew that the success or failure would rest on the shoulders of finding a phenomenal 12-year-old kid. Every casting director we interviewed said, 'Whether you hire us or not, you really need to see this kid Fred Savage in Chicago for the role of Kevin.””

AMC now owns 49.9% of BBC America
AMC Networks agreed to pay $200 million, which gives it operational control over BBC America. BBC Worldwide CEO Bob Davie says of the partnership: “More than anything this is a partnership driven by editorial alignment and a common vision around premium content.”

Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw react to tonight”s “Grey”s Anatomy”
Says Ramirez: “After being in every scene in episode nine last year, I felt the weight of the emotional workload of it all.” PLUS: More from Ramirez.

Why do so few female “SNL”-ers go on to bigger careers?
Jan Hooks wasn”t the only one that “should have had a bigger career,” as Tina Fey put it. There are many gifted former female cast members whose post-“SNL” careers never led to big careers, from Molly Shannon to Rachel Dratch to Ana Gasteyer and even Maya Rudolph (despite her role in “Bridesmaids.”)

How “Scandal”s” go-to producing director ended up playing Viola Davis” husband on “How to Get Away with Murder”
Tom Verica hadn”t acted since a 2010 episode of “The Closer” before taking on the role.

CNN will follow aspiring “moguls of marijuana” in “High Profits”
The reality show will follow the owners of Colorado”s Breckenridge Cannabis Club.

Madeleine Albright wins Twitter war with Conan O”Brien
After Conan said he”s going as “Slutty Madeleine Albright” for Halloween, the former secretary of state responded: “I”m considering going as hunky Conan O'Brien – but that might be too far fetched.”

Can “The Vampire Diaries” survive without 1 of its 3 core stars?
According to E!, only two of the show”s three leads – Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley – has signed on for Season 7. No word on who is or isn”t on board.

Jerry Seinfeld is now officially Facebook and Instagram
“In case you didn”t notice, I officially joined Facebook and Instagram this morning,” he wrote in a message this morning. “We”ll still bring you all of the updates on ‘Comedians in Cars getting Coffee,” but as of today, this is my page, and anything can happen.”

Ike Barinholtz on “The Mindy Project”s” anal sex episode: “I thought it was funnily gross”
“The natural comparison is the ‘Seinfeld' masturbation episode,” he says. “You deal with it in a clever way … When we started shooting it, there were days when we were scrambling and trying to figure out how we”d get around it, or how we”d illustrate it without being gross. We”re happy with the results.”

NBA star Baron Davis” life is set to become a Fox comedy
“New Girl”s” Jake Johnson is producing the semi-autobiographical comedy about a kid from South Central who attends a suburban school thanks to a scholarship.

Andy Cohen: We”ve been working on bringing Bethenny Frankel back to “Real Housewives” since June
“She said to me, 'You know, I'm coming off this really high profile failure of my talk show, my marriage fell apart.' So she is really starting over,” says Cohen.

New “SNL” star Michael Che”s brother asks him: Are you busy Saturday night?
Che”s response: “i work saturday night. cmon man.. its the name of the show.”

Boomer Esiason named the commissioner of the Kitten Bowl and the Kitty Football League
The CBS NFL commentator will preside over Hallmark Channel”s Kitten Bowl II.

DirecTV to air “The Britishes,” a parody of “Downton Abbey”
“The Britishes,” which premieres on the Audience Network on Oct. 28, includes characters like “The Charming Mr. Hitler.”

“2 Broke Girls” star Kat Dennings was a goth kid
Who “gothy” was she?, asks Conan: “I was kind of obsessed with the Addams Family,” explains Dennings. “I went through a phase where I thought I was Wednesday Addams.”

“Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey's engagement to his childhood girlfriend ends
“I”m just gonna get it out there because I get sad talking about it,” says the 23-year-old actor.

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