‘House of Cards’ is searching for an NSA director

05.19.14 4 years ago

“House of Cards” is searching for an NSA director
Read the casting notice for upcoming Season 3 roles.

Why “SNL” wasn”t so bad this season
This rebuilding season of “Saturday Night Live” could have been much worse, says Andrew Wallenstein: “Consider that there”s eight first-year 'featured players' on the cast, just one short of the nine full-fledged repertory players, and you have a sense of dramatic the turnover was this year. So anything better than 'not bad' is actually pretty good.” PLUS: Kate McKinnon was this season”s MVP, followed by Vanessa Bayer.

“Dancing with the Stars” boss: “We're burning through celebrities quicker than they replenish”
Exec producer  Conrad Green sees “Dancing” going on for “a few more years, I hope.” But it”s becoming harder finding celebrities willing to give up 3 1/2 months of their lives.

“Silicon Valley”s” Thomas Middleditch says he auditioned for “SNL,” but “I look too much like Seth Meyers”
“It went pretty well,” he says of his “Saturday Night Live” audition, but Lorne Michaels didn”t want to address the Meyers resemblance on Weekend Update.

Katie Holmes, Alyson Hannigan, Rob Lowe and Kevin Hart are among the rejected pilot stars
Holmes, who was to star in a “Dangerous Liaisons” remake, joins Mary-Louise Parker, Greta Gerwig, Amy Sedaris, Paget Brewster and Jamie Lee Curtis as stars whose pilots didn”t get picked up.

Can Jon Hamm escape Don Draper when “Mad Men” is over?
What kind of post-“Mad Men” career will Hamm have? Can he succeed on the big screen? Or will he end up back on TV?

Jay Leno cracks a “cocaine and hookers” joke on “Good Morning Britain”
Asked about his car collection on British TV this morning, Leno told a family audience: “It's still cheaper than cocaine and hookers.”

“24”s” composer wasn”t sure he”d be asked to return for “Live Another Day”
Sean Callery, who”s worked on every episode of “24,” had to call producers to say “I hope I'm on this” when he heard the news of the “24” reboot.

“The Bachelorette” is as anti-feminist as “The Bachelor,” but can Andi Dorfman change that?
Does her Juan Pablo “Bachelor” exit signal a change for “The Bachelorette”? PLUS: Chris Harrison says Andi is “definitely very analytical” compared to her predecessors, and Harrison recalls his terrible audition.

How much does “Game of Thrones”” Trial by Combat taken from history?
Most historical trials by combats were trials for property rights. PLUS: About Dany”s new dress, and did Lena Heady spoil an upcoming plotline?

Maya Rudolph hopes “The Maya Rudolph Show” would air every few weeks or every few months
The “SNL” alum also hopes tonight”s special leads to her recording her first comedy album. PLUS: How the Muppets inspired Rudolph.

“The Good Wife” was a lot of fun this season, but maybe too weird?
The creators seemed to be more concerned with shuffling things around just for the sake of it. PLUS: Why “The Good Wife” is like a juggling act.

What happened to the real Burger Chef from “Mad Men”?
The real Burger Chef opened its 1,000th restaurant in 1969, but never surpassed 1,200. By 1982, it was sold to Hardee”s. PLUS: What”s happening to Megan”s hair?, that dance by 2 outcasts was terrific, and about that softcore film “I Am Curious (Yellow).”

Hologram Michael Jackson had been in the works since October 2012
“Michael always wanted to do these kinds of things,” says the spokesperson for his estate. “Really, it starts with Michael Jackson more than anything.”

Comedy Central”s “The Half Hour” returns June 6
“SNL” writer and future “Daily show” correspondent Michael Che will perform when Season 3 of the standup comedy show kicks off.

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