How Does Deadpool Fit Into the X-MEN Universe?

02.11.16 2 years ago

Deadpool may be a wise-cracking miscreant, but where does he fit in with our super-serious super-mutants?

Deadpool opens in theatres this weekend, and is tracking very well at the box office and has received an overwhelmingly positive critical response. 

Some may be left wondering how this out-of-the-box character may fit into Fox's larger X-Men universe, though.

Here, Eric Eisenberg and Roth Cornet speculate on Deadpool's ultimate fate and whether or not he can play in the PG-13 X-Men sandbox.

Take a look in the player above or the full show below where we unpack the character's enduring popularity and look at why Deadpool will be the one to break the R-rated superhero movie curse.

Roth: @RothCornet

Eric: @EEisenberg

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