How ‘Fearless’ is Taylor Swift on the road?

05.27.09 9 years ago

Mark J. Terrill, AP Photo

The results rumble in for Taylor Swift’s first headlining tour, and critics are falling all over themselves — or at least the teenaged version of themselves — with praise for the 19-year-old singer.

Swift’s recently played gigs like two-night stand in L.A. (with John Mayer making an appearance), Salt Lake City and Phoenix. Reviews are noting the relative age of Swift and her country and pop peers, citing that when it comes to youthful energy and people skills none can currently compare.

The “Fearless” star is on a 50+ date stint with AI’s Kellie Pickler and newcomer Gloriana. Each night’s set is complete with eight costume changes, a set change that looks like a high school locker hall and an easy-going Swift unafraid to make jabs at her ex-boyfriends (look out, Joe Jonas, et al.)

The Salt Lake Tribune:
“Swift headbanged as much as any metal god, and moved around not only the stage but the arena… In front of a sold-out arena, the 19-year-old Swift exhibited the showmanship that eludes many fellow performers twice or three times her age, and brought a spectacle that pulled off the rare feat of being a feast for the eyes while never overshadowing the important part: the music.”

“The key selling point on display Friday was Swift’s relatability. She’s not just another oversexed, underdressed prefab pop Barbie, but rather the girl next door who’s had her heart broken and takes refuge in music she actually sings, plays and writes… She has a likable stage presence that’s not overly polished and even was slightly awkward at times.”

Los Angeles Times:
“Her fans don’t just believe in her savvy songwriting and gracious, magnetic stage presence. They trust her as a peer… When she stood beneath a cascading waterfall to close her encore, she looked every bit the pop star, but also every bit a teenager — drenched, giddy and with a bit of explaining to do when she gets home past curfew.”

Phoenix New Times:
“[S]howed off her comedic chops… kept the crowd entertained with video sketches… But the most charming parts of the night were when she kept it simple and played her lullabyesque songs.”

OC Register:
“The show was essentially one big lovefest. I’ve never heard screaming as deafening as the ear-splitting shrieks of Swift’s fans… her cover of Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around …Comes Around” didn’t feel out of place at all… judging by the happy, satisfied fans leaving Staples Center after that, it’s safe to say Swift’s first headlining tour won’t be her last.”

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