How ‘Homeland’ got good again

11.24.14 3 years ago


How “Homeland” got good again
“Homeland” is back to being good, not great, this season, says James Poniewozik. “It”s easy to get excited when a show makes a turnaround like this, but I wouldn”t call “Homeland” great,” he says. “Instead, it”s simply tried to be good, and that”s been the show”s smartest choice of all.” “Homeland” became good again, he says, by focusing on its best relationship (Carrie and Saul), making Carrie competent again, picking interesting enemies and making this season about ideas.

HBO “bombshell” documentary to tackle Scientology
Alex Gibney, the Oscar-winning director behind “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” and “Taxi to the Dark Side,” will explore the connection between the controversial religion and its relationship to Hollywood. It”s based on the book “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & The Prison of Belief” by Lawrence Wright.

“The Mistress” is coming to Discovery Life Channel
Gordon Ramsay”s self-proclaimed former mistress, Sarah J. Symonds, will host this half-hour mistress intervention series, with each half-hour episode focusing on one mistress.

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American Music Awards down from last year
About 11.6 million watched last night”s awards show.

“SNL”s” Schoolhouse Rock parody was totally wrong about how gov”t works
The opening sketch sacrificed accuracy for comedy.

CNN taps Bill Weir to host “The Wonder List”
The environmental docuseries will examine “people, places and creatures that could be lost to future generations.”

NBC developing a comedy titled “#Winning”
The #Winning hashtag comedy has nothing to do with Charlie Sheen – it”s a comedy about friends.

Does TV have too many “Schmidts”?
Ashton Kutcher is a Schmidt on “Two and a Half Men,” Max Greenfield is a  Schmidt on “New Girl” and coming soon to Netflix is “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

Comedy Central developing “TripTank” spinoff “Jeff & Some Aliens”
The animated short about three extraterrestrials examining the world”s most average guy is poised to get its own series.

DirecTV unveils “Scrawny Arms Rob Lowe”
Rob Lowe is starring in yet another DirecTV ad.

What is it about “Gotham”s” Ben McKenzie that has made him so successful on TV?
The NY Times profiles McKenzie, now the star of his 3rd successful TV series, and notes: “There is a throwback quality to Mr. McKenzie, in both his polite manner and square-jaw looks, and it meshes with his roles so far. Antiheroes like Walter White and Don Draper may be all the rage on TV these days, but Mr. McKenzie”s characters, despite their imperfections, have been classic Hollywood-style idealists.” PLUS: Introducing “Gotham”s” Copperhead.

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