Hugh Jackman has nerves of ‘Steel’

09.30.09 8 years ago


Tony winner and Oscar host Hugh Jackman is reportedly in talks to star in the DreamWorks sci-fi drama “Real Steel.”

According to Variety, Shawn Levy (“The Pink Panther”) is directing the project, which could shoot as soon as May. 

John Gatins and Levy are rewriting the script, which also had drafts by Dan Gilroy and then Les Boehm.

Based on the 1956 short story by Richard Matheson, “Real Steel” focuses on a former boxer who becomes obsolete in a future in which people pay to watch giant robots brawl. The Robot Boxing world turns out to be every bit as corrupt as the human boxing world, a fact the main character learns when he tries breaking in as a promoter. 

The trade report fails to mention that “Steel” was previously adapted for the small screen as a 1963 episode of “The Twilight Zone,” which featured an all-time classic performance from Lee Marvin.

Jackman is booked through December opposite Daniel Craig in the broadway production of “A Steady Rain.” He was most recently seen in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “Australia.”

In addition to the inevitable “Wolverine” sequel, Jackman has been linked to projects including the comedy “Avon Man,” the Madeline Stowe-directed “Unbound Captives,” the comic book adaptation “Ghostopolis” and the musical “Showman.” 

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