I’m Alive!

01.14.09 9 years ago 4 Comments

Oh, thank god.  I have a great doctor (you rock, Dr. Miller!) who has been taking care of the family for years now, and as soon as I called him about the stomach flu yesterday, he told me that it’s at epidemic levels in LA right now, and he knew exactly how to handle it.

Sure enough, after 36 hours or so, it seems to be out of my system completely.  I’m still a little weak, but at least I don’t feel sick anymore.

So we’re back in business, just in time to post some news and get packed for Park City.  The next nine days on the blog should be a blur of reviews and news stories and impressions from the festival, and I’m excited to be doing this so close to the start of HitFix.  It’s a chance for me and Dan and Greg to all work together as a team for the first time, and it’ll be interesting to see how it all shakes down.

I’ll have a preview piece in a little while of the films I’m most interested in seeing up there, and we’ve got some other stuff for you as well to get you through this Wednesday.  In the meantime, I’m listening for the UPS guy at the door with my new HDTV for the office.  Verrrrrrrry exciting.

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