Iconic 80s Villains Re-Imagined As Iconic 80s Pop Stars

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Have you ever wondered what your favorite childhood bad guys would have done if the call to villainy hadn't been their destiny? Artist Rocky Davies has. And the obvious answer? They'd be pop idols, duh. 

Think about it. They've already got the charisma, the built-in fan base/minions, the costumes, the presence. All they needed was a sweet LP cover and a dash of neon because what 80s idol worth their salt didn't roll around in Day-Glo paint every morning?

#1 – I'd like to imagine Bebop and Rocksteady play backup on keytar and electronic drums.

Art by: Rocky Davies

#2 – What if The Joker had been Gotham's David Bowie?

Art by: Rocky Davies

#3 – As a tyrannical despot, you know Doom would make himself a chart topper.

Art by: Rocky Davies

#4 – I got nothing. Xenomorphs in hot pink shades are just hella radical.

Art by: Rocky Davies

Rocky Davies doesn't limit himself just to wicked sweet LP cover art featuring 80s pop culture icons. Be sure to check out the rest of his hilariously nerdy art!

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