‘Idol’ cancels 25% of its tour dates after disappointing season

06.03.13 5 years ago

“Idol” cancels 25% of its tour dates after disappointing season
Fans aren’t as interested in “Idol” summer concerts this year. PLUS: “Idol” alum is doing gay porn.

Why Robb Stark’s “Game of Thrones” actions are worse than Walder Frey’s

As Matthew Yglesias argues, “Whether he broke his original promise out of a misguided sense of honor (as in the books) or simply true love (as in the show), he’s actively undermining the key social and political institution of Westeros.” PLUS: Watch Maisie Williams’ reaction, and Twitter account documents “GoT” outrage.

Few visit Archie Bunker’s home
The “All in the Family” house in Queens used to be a tourist destination, but not anymore. Not even on the day Jean Stapleton died.

“The Killing” returns matching last year’s premiere
The Season 3 debut was down, though, from its Season 1 debut. PLUS: A real-life lesbian inspired Season 3.

Why the new “Doctor Who” should be a female

There is already precedent for a female Doctor. PLUS: Why there shouldn’t be a female “Doctor Who.”

For women, “SVU” has a “strange therapeutic quality”

“It might upset you to watch one rape story,” says Emily Nussbaum, “but it thickens your skin to watch a million.”

MTV teases the return of “Catfish”

Watch the trailer for Season 2.

“The Simpsons'” Fast Food Blvd opens at Springfield theme park
Now tourists can drink at Moe’s Tavern and eat at Krusty Burger.

What if “Mad Men” ended the season by killing Don Draper?

“How Weinerian would that be?” says Seth Stevenson. “Icing the icon of your show seems like the sort of zagging-a rebellion against TV’s established order, if you will-that (Matthew) Weiner can’t resist.” PLUS: Is Bob Benson a Don Draper clone?, credit Weiner for doing a lot of experimentation this season, explaining the L.A. wardrobe, “Mad Men” is Moby Dick, and why Lane Pryce is still “Mad Men’s” central character.

Jimmy Kimmel throws a bachelor party in Vancouver
How did he celebrate? By riding a book.

What did Josh Holloway do during his TV hiatus?

Over the past three years, the “Lost” star marathoned on “The Walking Dead” and wrote a kids’ movie while raising his 4-year-old daughter.

Check out Kris Jenner’s new show

Here are two promos for the daytime talk show debuting July 15.

“Revolution” ends “messy” first season tonight
Can it resolve its problems in time for Season 2?

What took so long to make a reality show about Jewish American Princesses?

Bravo’s “Princesses: Long Island” is not just another “Real Housewives” rip off.

Comedy Central gives “Drunk History” a premiere date
The Funny or Die web series launches July 9.

How “Arrested Development” reinvented the catchphrase

It took the traditional character-based catchphrase and made it fungible.

Watch the final season “Skins” trailer

Jack O’Connell, Kaya Scodelario and Hannah Murray star in three separate movies to close-out the 7th and final season.

ABC Family’s “The Fosters” is “The O.C.” meets “Switched at Birth”

J.Lo’s new drama, premiering tonight, features what could be a female Ryan Atwood.

ABC’s “Mistresses” is not very good — except at being a guilty pleasure
The ABC drama is perfect for mindless summer viewing, says Matthew Gilbert. “The new ABC series isn’t good in any way, except in its ability to suck you in with pretty actors and titillating themes,” he says. PLUS: “Mistresses” is bad trash, and how Alyssa Milano became a “Mistress.”

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