‘Idol’ reveals changes: Fewer sob stories, Randy Jackson’s boot camp, more alums

01.13.14 4 years ago

“Idol” reveals changes: Fewer sob stories, Randy Jackson’s boot camp, more alums
Season 13 will also have a fresher song list and a “Hollywood or Home” surprise round.

10% of the Golden Globes broadcast was devoted to winners walking up to the stage
That’s according to a Washington Post investigation: “The Golden Globes were a disaster of table arrangement,” explains the Post’s Caitlin Dewey. “That’s not just the griping of the Twitter masses, but a matter of actual, verifiable fact: We timed how long it took the winners in every category to get to the stage, and the answer is … way longer than necessary.”

“Glee” will spend the rest of the season in NYC
Fox’s Kevin Reilly confirmed that “Glee” will spend the rest of the series, the next 1 1/2 seasons, in New York.

Watch BBC’s Olympics promo, narrated by “Tywin Lannister” from “Game of Thrones”

Charles Dance is the voice of this year’s BBC Winter Olympics coverage.

Fox: Why we’re remaking “Broadchurch” instead of airing the original UK version
American viewers, says Fox Entertainment boss Kevin Reilly, “would be more comfortable seeing something made for America … there are cultural particularities (to the original) that would cap it off.” He also points out that “Gracepoint” will have 10 episodes instead of “Broadchurch’s” eight, with a different ending.

Sasheer Zamata begins working at “SNL”
Featured John Milhiser instagrammed a photo of his new office mate.

“The Simpsons” apologizes to Judas Priest
Sorry for calling the band’s music “death metal.”

Angry Taylor Swift fans are ticked off at Tina Fey

They didn’t like Fey’s “there’s a special place in hell” diss of Swift during last night’s Golden Globes.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” names guest judges, including Kim Kardashian and Neil Patrick Harris

“Community’s” Gillian Jacobs, Linda Blair, Adam Lambert and Leah Remini will also judge this season.

Check out Josh Hartnett and Eva Green on “Penny Dreadful”
Here’s your first look at the Showtime horror-drama.

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