If you loved ‘Wanted’ and ‘Kick-Ass,’ will you devour ‘Nemesis’?

08.07.10 7 years ago

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One of the harsher comments to come from the Comic-Con Hall H stage last month was from noted writer an “Red” co-creator Warren Ellis.  When asked if he ever wrote a graphic novel or comic book with he possibility of it being turned into a feature film in mind, Ellis replied with a stern “no” and added “that ways lies madness… or Mark Millar.”

Ellis was criticizing the popular Brit writer for seemingly being more interested in setting up movie franchises than actual character arcs.  Millar is the man behind “Wanted,” not that his original work was even close to the final product, and “Kick-Ass,” which was being readied for a movie version before the first few issues were even out.  Now, another Millar creation (along with artist Steve McNiven), “Nemesis,” appears to be on its way to the big screen.

Set in the near future, “Nemesis” centers on Matt Anderson, an inherently evil, twisted and filthy rich criminal who is obsessed with destroying the life and career of D.C. police chief Blake Morrow, the man he views as being responsible for killing his equally warped parents.  While possessing no superpowers, Nemesis wears a plain white costume with cape and has numerous gadgets and amazing fighting skills. The series conceit being literally, “What if the Batman were really the Joker?”  As of the second issue, there appear to be no existing super heroes in the series’ universe who can take Nemesis down.

Because of Millar’s previous work, many suspected “Nemesis” could become a hot Hollywood property before it hit comic book stands.  However, once the first two issues came out it was assumed most would pass because the lead character has literally no redeeming values and seems to be pretty unstoppable (by the end of the first issue he’s easily kidnapped the President of the United States just for his amusement).  20th Century Fox and director Tony Scott don’t seem worried about this potential stumbling block.  The two parties have jumped in to acquire the rights to the series to develop it into a feature film.

Before “Nemesis” fans get too excited, however, it’s important to note that Tony Scott continuously attaches himself to numerous project that will never end up rolling before cameras.  Moreover, this unconventional, R-rated property hardly seems in the vein of super hero films Fox has been confortable with having been behind the “Fantastic Four” and “X-Men” franchises.  Both parties may now know something about where this series is going that made them lay down some dough to secure it.

In the meantime, the third issue of “Nemesis” is expected to hit comic book shops later this month.  Scott’s next feature, the thriller “Unstoppable” with Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, arrives in theaters this November.

This news was first broken by Bleeding Cool.

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