Is this new ‘Star Wars’ droid ‘Rogue One’s’ evil R2-D2?

08.31.16 1 year ago

The Star Wars Show revealed a new droid today that might have an important role in the upcoming Rogue One. Is this an evil R2-D2 or is there something more to this story?

Around 2:08 in the latest episode, we're introduced to a new astromech droid called C2-B5.

Being an astromech, of course, this new droid looks a lot like our beloved R2-D2 but this one works for the Imperial Army. So my snap judgment is that its evil. But can a droid be evil? Well, depends on their master, I guess. Though they have been known to be as close to the word as I can imagine in the past (*cough*Triple-Zero*cough*BT-1*cough*).

“As you may know, the Galactic Empire relies on astromech droids to maintain its machinery but unlike the Rebel Alliance, the Imperial technicians do not grant their droids independence and subject them to frequent memory wipes to keep them subservient,” explained host Peter Townley. “Where does C2-B5 fall into all this? Well, you'll have to find out this December when Rogue One is released.”

Sigh. Of course.

Do you think this is hinting at C2-B5 having an important role in the big scheme to steal the Death Star plans or will it be in the back of a shot for three seconds? We already know Alan Tudyk”s K-2SO will feature prominently but there's always room for more droid mischief. A new R2-D2/C-3PO-like team perhaps? *gasp* What if it's R2-D2 under cover???


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