Must-watch web series: ‘In Bed with Joan Rivers’

05.09.13 4 years ago

In Bed with Joan

“In Bed with Joan” feels like a podcast, but a good deal shorter and with the added bonus of visuals that reassure you weren”t the only one who didn”t get out from beneath your blanket all day. Each week, Joan brings a new guest (usually a comedian) into her bed to chat about work stuff, love stuff, and who-would-you-bring-to-a-desert-island stuff. “This is not your grandmother”s pillow talk,” someone who is not me might say, making you picture your sweet grandmother in a state of post-coital bliss.

Particularly great is Joan’s interview with Anthony Jeselnik, host of Comedy Central’s “The Jeselnik Offensive” and quite possibly the edgiest comic working today. Anthony is predictably dark, but also quite charming — especially when he tells Joan she’s beautiful. Aw.

Joan herself really shines in the episode that features Nick Kroll, star of both “The League” and his own “Kroll Show.” The two have nice chemistry and molestation jokes abound.

Now get to watching and quit imagining your grandma naked!

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