Lil Wayne says mom’s love better than a car in Mother’s Day missive

05.07.10 7 years ago

Prisoners have mothers too. Lil Wayne has posted a glowing missive to his mother and to the mothers of his children, called “A Mother”s Worth” today on his website The letter also gives a little insight into his incarceration. Though primarily upbeat, he calls prison “a place where they attempt to break your spirit each day the sun rises.”

In the sweet essay, Weezy reminds us that a mother”s love is more precious than, say, a car. Good to know.
He thanks the mothers of his four children, pledging his respect, love and adoration. But he saves his fondest remarks for his mama, Ms. Cita: “Even writing this, it”s tough to come to grips with the fact I cannot spend this special day with you. Like you always preached, a man must accept his own actions – good and bad – and learn from them. And that”s what I”m doing. Mom, I love you more than you will ever know.”

Lil Wayne thanks his fans for their support and asked that they keep those letters coming, but laid down some guidelines: “I pray the letters keep coming in at the volume they are right now, especially the overseas ones. They let me know life still does move on, even if I forget at times. I just ask that you all keep the letters to one page. And keep sending the pictures, too.” Uh, we can only imagine what kind of pictures Lil Wayne is receiving. Perhaps from some potential future mamas?

By the way, the site also features a clock counting down to when Weezy gets sprung from the pen. As of  May 7, he has 180 more days, in case, you too, are keeping count at home.

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