‘Inherent Vice,’ Jake Gyllenhaal, ‘LEGO Movie’: Oscar nominations snubs and surprises

01.15.15 3 years ago 19 Comments

Every Oscar nominations announcement comes with it's share of snubs and surprises. For those who watch the announcement live, you can spot them by uneasy grumbles at the end of a category announcement (someone got passed over) or, of course, shouts of joy from publicists whose nails have been chewed to the bed (surprise!).

This year was no different on that score and of course we've outlined a number of them here. And we could probably fill even more column inches with the deserving works that never had a shot for this reason or that which find themselves observers today.

(Oh, and a note on semantics: Can we just assume going forward that “snub” is a perfectly acceptable colloquialism for “expected nominee who didn't get nominated?” Lots of quibbling over that lately, though maybe it's Twitter-contained. I'd say “begs the question” is a much bigger issue, no?)

Check out our survey of this year's Oscar snubs and surprises in the gallery story below. Which one caught you off guard the most?

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