Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Shows Off Its IMAX Look With A New Comic-Con Trailer

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07.21.17 4 Comments

With its September 1st theatrical date coming up fast (in advance of its series premiere on ABC), Inhumans is finally offering up more footage on how Marvel’s royal family of space weirdoes will look when they come to IMAX. And, if nothing else, they are sticking to the concept.

The Game Of Thrones vibe, which would be unavoidable anyway since poor Iwan Rheon will never escape Ramsay Bolton no matter what he does, is if anything stronger, here, as Rheon’s Maximus issues threats, runs coups, but does, at least, seem to feel pretty bad about what he’s doing. Interestingly, the series also hints that Inhumans are being hunted by some mysterious, heavily armed group, which might be the hate group we’ve seen in Agents of SHIELD called the Watchdogs. Or it’s just some heavily armed jerks. There are a lot of those in the Marvel Universe.

Anyway, we also finally get a look at Medusa, who has prehensile hair she uses as a weapon, appendage and spare limb, and while the effects are definitely rough, it is at least in line with what she’s like in the comics. Besides, none of this will matter once the show finds its true protagonist in Lockjaw. Really, why the giant teleporting dog doesn’t have his own series already is a question we might never have the answer to.

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