Insane rare 1966 footage turns Captain America into mix of Shakespeare and Schwarzenegger

06.17.15 2 years ago

If you grew up in the 1980s, you know well the art of recording your favorite show on VHS or using a blank cassette to tape the radio. But what if you grew up in the 1960s? Same concept, different execution. Instead of a VHS player, you had to record straight from your 8mm camera and use a microphone next to the television speaker to catch the sound.

Which is exactly what some enterprising soul did during a 1966 broadcast of the “Captain America” cartoon. The result? Pure camp as a live-action Steve Rogers goes on a rant about the pros and cons of being a superhero.

[Via Geek Tyrant]


Since the Internet is a wonderful place, someone has created a montage of 1960s Marvel cartoon opening theme songs. Relive the cheesy glory of “Spider-Man,” “The Fantastic Four,” “Captain America,” “Iron Man,” “Thor,” “Hulk,” and “Namor” during the heyday of Saturday morning superheroes!

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