Interview: Katy Perry hides in plain sight

05.06.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

Peter Kramer/AP

Katy Perry seems to show up in the tabloids every other day-whether she’s cavorting with Lady Sovereign, flashing her Spanx or chilling on a boat with Rihanna. And that’s just in the last week alone. But the budding star already has a veteran’s perspective on fame that many of her peers seemingly do not. 

Hitfix talked to her a few days ago about life in the fishbowl and she said, contrary to popular belief, she’s swimming around with the rest of us. We just can’t see her.

“For my own sanity, I got to those places that I know I can go.. that are my spots. It’s not going to be infested with people trying to whore out their celebrity. I think that’s actually kind of gross,” she says. Plus, she’s learned the art of just enough of a disguise to go unrecognized, but not enough to attract attention for trying to do so. In other words, no surgical masks, a la Michael Jackson for her. “I’m pretty good with putting on a hat and sunglasses and I keep my glittered outfits at home and I think there’s just, there’s this energy that some people can give off when they want to be noticed, that they kind of exude, hey, look at me or I’m somebody, ask me who I am, or blah, blah, blah and there’s a time to turn that on and there’s definitely a time to turn that off.”

In a daunting facet of being a developing artist, Perry knows where she’ll be every day between now and September and it’s been that way since April 2008. She’s current on tour promoting “One of the Boys” and new single, “Waking Up in Vegas.” As anyone who has seen Perry knows, she’s a gal who loves her fruit. She stops short of Carmen Miranda, but she knows her way around a giant banana and huge sets of cherries.

“Some people are like is there one fruit you wouldn’t mess with?,” she says. ” I said, you know what, I’m not messing with pomegranates because you barely get any of the juice out it and you get messy as hell with your fingers.” She’s also not that crazy about kumquats, as it turns out. “I mostly stick with those very bold symbols of cherries and strawberries and bananas. They have somewhat of a sweet and innocent yet phallic [way] to them.”

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