Interview: Michael Bay on adapting to 3D for ‘Transformers 3’

06.28.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

Michael Bay and I have a long and strange history together.

I’ve been a hard critic of his work over the years, but there are films of his I like, and films I don’t.  I think we’ve gradually reached a place where he knows that I walk into each of his movies open to the experience, and that in the end, I want to enjoy what I watch.  I do not dismiss or dislike movies lightly.  And, along those same lines, I do not just hand out knee-jerk praise. 

As you’ll see at the start of this interview, we both appreciate the other one’s position on this, and I find it a pleasure to sit down with Bay even when I’m not a fan of his current film.  When I did enjoy the film as much as I enjoyed “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon,” it just makes the conversation work even more.  I saw Bay earlier this year at a preview event for “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” that was thrown specifically to show us some of the action and some of the early finished 3D shots, and he seemed genuinely curious about people’s reaction to the first stuff we saw.  The same was true in Moscow.  He was excited to get the feedback and start talking about it.

When we spoke, it was the day after the huge, insane, crazy green-carpet premiere of the film, and despite being outside at the press line, I never got the opportunity to see Bay there.  This was the start of a conversation, and I can honestly say I’d like to have a much longer version of it where we could talk about each of the set pieces he built in the film.

I just heard a rumor about what Bay might be doing next, and I plan to follow up on it and hopefully be able to share news on that with you soon.  But for now, enjoy this short chat with a guy who seems to be very pleased with the final results for this, the last “Transformers” film I think you’re ever going to see him direct.

“Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” opens everywhere June 29, with preview screenings at many locations, including IMAX 3D, starting tomorrow night.

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