Video Interview: The makers of ‘Catfish’ discuss the reality of their much-discussed new movie

09.15.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

I’ll have my review for “Catfish” up soon, but I’m still chewing on the movie.  It feels to me like I went to a very good magic show, and at the end of it, I was talking to the magician and complimented him on his tricks and he started insisting that there were no tricks and that it was all real magic.  I don’t mind a magic show when the magician acknowledges the sleight of hand.  That’s just good fun, but when he insists it’s 100% real, I start looking for the seams in the trick.  I can’t help myself.

Still, I like the film as an experience, and I was pleased to sit down with Ariel Schulman, Henry Joost, and Nev Schulman, the filmmakers whose collaboration is being released this Friday by Rogue Pictures, so I could discuss the film with them.  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this conversation, where we talk around the film’s big secret in such a way that anyone who hasn’t figured out the general nature of it from the publicity won’t have the film spoiled for them here.

Here’s the official synopsis of the film from Rogue, which is about as much as you should know before you go in:

“In late 2007, filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost sensed a story unfolding as they began to film the life of Ariel’s brother, Nev.  They had no idea that their project would lead to the most exhilarating and unsettling months of their lives.  A reality thriller that is a shocking product of our times, ‘Catfish’ is a riveting story of love, deception, and grace within a labyrinth of online intrigue.”

My one real complaint about the ad campaign is that whole “reality thriller” thing.  I know people who think it’s a horror film, another fake documentary like “The Last Exorcism” and “The Blair Witch Project” because of the tone of those trailers and some these crazy (and, boy, do I mean crazy) comparisons to Hitchcock’s work.  Selling this as a thriller could really backfire with the audience.  I think the movie is sad more than anything, and that’s not really what they’re selling.

Anyway, I’m curious to hear what you guys think of the film if you do check it out this weekend, and I look forward to the conversations that are bound to result.

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