Introducing the HitFix Find Your Fix iPhone Application

12.07.09 8 years ago


The crew here at HitFix knows that lots of websites hawk their iPhone apps only to disappoint their fans in poorly thought out and designed apps you quickly delete from your phone.  Well, at HitFix we’ve spent countless hours over the past few months working to combine the best parts of our site into an app we think is really special and more importantly, useful to our loyal fans.  Indulge us for a moment…

First off, the FREE HitFix app is the first iPhone application that combines movie, concert, sporting events, DVD releases, music releases, video game releases and must watch TV listings all in one app.  Sure, you can use that Ticketmaster app to find out when Kings of Leon is hitting your town, but you’re still gonna have to switch to the Fandango one if you decide to see what’s playing at the local cineplex.  And good luck trying to find out what’s available on DVD on those apps if you want to stay at home instead.  The HitFix Find Your Fix app simplifies your search because its a one stop shop to find out what’s going on today, tomorrow or next month in all aspects of entertainment.

Check out a typical day view of the Forecast below.  The app automatically geo locates your location and provides you with concerts, sports and local events directly in your area.  You can also use the menu bar to check out specific categories such as Music or Sports on a specific day.  And if you’ve already created a saved forecast view on the HitFix website, you can make it part of your iPhone settings by signing into the app with you HitFix id and password.

HitFix Find Your Fix iPhone App

The HitFix Find Your Fix iPhone App

Not sure when an event is taking place?  Use the search icon to find out.  The example below provides the results for “Iron Man 2” (as if you didn’t have that date already memorized).  Additionally, just like on our site, you can get a Remind Me alert about the event and in this case Buy Tickets. When you sign up for a Remind Me alert you’ll also get a fancy Push notification to your iPhone when the event takes place. You can also buy music, DVD and Video Games through our partnership with Best Buy.  Want to share the event?  That’s easy.  You can tweet it, post it on facebook or send it to a friend via E-mail. A

HitFix Find Your Fix iPhone App

The HitFix app also provides the latest headlines from the whole editorial team including breaking news and blog posts from Motion Captured, The Beat Goes On, The Fien Print, Awards Campaign and TV recaps from Monkeys as Critics..  Just as with any event, you can also tweet it, post it to facebook or E-mail it to a friend.  And any comments or “Likes” you make will appear both on the iPhone app and on the story’s webpage on

HitFix Find Your Fix iPhone App

And if you’re just looking to kill some time in that DMV or grocery store line?  Check out our streaming video.  You watch our countless exclusive interviews, the latest trailers, movie and TV clips and more.

The HitFix Find Your Fix iPhone App

Working with our colleagues at Pointabout, we’ve put a lot of our heart and soul in this new app and we hope you enjoy it just as much as we do.

You can the download the FREE app now at

Or, search HitFix in the ITunes store directly

And if you like what you see, please submit a review and rate the app on the iTunes store.

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