“Iron Man 2” dominates overseas with $100.2 million

05.02.10 7 years ago

Marvel Studios

Anyone who doesn’t believe “Iron Man 2” is going to blow its predecessor out of the water at the box office should get ready for a big dose of reality this week.  You can thank the rest of the world for the heads up. After “Iron Man” grossed just $266.7 million outside the U.S. two years ago, the Jon Favreau sequel debuted early across the globe this past weekend to $100.2 million. To say it will eventually gross more than the first film is something of an understatement.

Opening on 6,764 screens in 53 markets, “Iron Man 2” shined with a massive $14,814 average per screen.  The blockbuster opened early outside the U.S. because of industry concern about the upcoming World Cup which will divert most of the planet’s male audience in June.  The Marvel Studios’ franchise will debut stateside this Friday, May 7. 

Based on early industry polling, it’s largely expected “Iron Man 2” will break the 3-day opening record of $158.4 million currently held by “The Dark Knight.”  It could also challenge the single day opening tally of $72.7 million “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” found last November.

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