Is James Cameron bringing the Black Eyed Peas to the big screen in 3-D?

07.02.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

The Black Eyed Peas’ last music video for “Imma Be”/”Rock Your Body” went the way of “Transformers,” but when the group heads to the big screen, think more along the lines of “Terminator” or “Avatar.”

James Cameron will be direction the pop crew’s as-yet-untitled big screen concert film, according to, with the final product being released in 3-D.

“We have the biggest director because we are the biggest group on the planet. The Peas are filming it in South America. People will be able to see us in the theater with the 3-D glasses and everything,” told Vibe. ““There will be a storyline that [Cameron] came up with, which will be dope.It”s a full-length film and it’s based around our tour activities. We”ve toured from America and Europe, to the Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa.”

This, in between 2011’s “Battle Angel” and developing a sequel to “Avatar 2?” Directing a music-oriented flick certainly would be off the beaten path for the Academy Award-winning director — but after blue people, what-have-you, we know know that anything is possible.

The magazine also addressed the rumor that and bandmate Fergie have been fighting, which he claims is untrue, though reports that ““Fergie wants to do another solo record, so of course we are going to do that. We have material ready for that.”

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