Is Rob Thomas’ ‘Someday’ a new progressive vision?

10.05.09 8 years ago

“Maybe we should start all over again…” sings Rob Thomas in his new single “Someday.” While the lyrics are somewhat ambiguous, the video has at least a few specifics in mind of what a new American politic could look like.

The matchbox twenty frontman helps start a flood of people exiting their cars in the middle of a giant traffic jam (in what looks like New York), as he pilgrimmages toward the halt’s origins. At the end of the road is a parade for peace, complete with little kids in bee costumes and enthusiastic masses that seem to be simultaneously protesting and saluting the world about them.

It’s a statement of some sort, for sure, but for what? With the jumble of political ideas, Thomas seems to have a vision of what could be the progressive movement, if those of that political pursuasion would just band together in one big parade.

Check it: there’s the Judeo-Christian imagery with the white dove and gospel choir. Then there’s the environementalists (some dressed as trees, mind you) next to the rainbow flags, next to the “Fur is not Fair” protest sign holders. “Love has no gender” meets aforementioned Bee Girls. It’s kinda weird. It, too, resembles a Coke commercial.

Still, it’s brave for Thomas to be putting forth at least some political ideas, though it may annoy some longtime fans.

Thomas’ cradlesong tour, named for his most recent album, is in full effect right now, through mid-November, with OneRepublic and Carolina Liar in tow.

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