Is Taylor Swift right? Is ‘You Oughta Know’ the greatest breakup song?

08.25.15 2 years ago

Taylor Swift's “1989” tour and its growing list of guest stars is getting insane. She had Julia Roberts and Joan Baez onstage at a recent concert, and just last night she brought out Dixie Chicks frontwoman Natalie Maines, Ellen DeGeneres, and Alanis Morissette. Taylor and Morissette then performed “You Oughta Know” together after Swift called it “inarguably” the greatest breakup song of all time. But is it?

First of all: Damn, Alanis' yelp still sounds fantastic. Second: Though I exalt “Jagged Little Pill” (and most of Alanis' career, actually), I have two other nominees for greatest breakup jam.

The obvious counterargument: “You're So Vain.” Imagine flying a jet to Nova Scotia for a sunset. The nerve!

And finally, my #1 choice: Carole King's cool, melodically perfect, mature “It's Too Late.” (Weirdly, its lyrics aren't by Carole; credit goes to Toni Stern.) 

I wouldn't be surprised if both Carly and Carole ended up onstage at her next concert, for the record. 

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