Is ‘The Sims’ Finally Too Real?

06.09.14 3 years ago

I remember in 2000 when the PC game “The Sims” was all about drowning your neighbors for fun at pool parties. But now? It's intensely real and our fun homicidal games have no place in this real, real world. Sigh.

This extended trailer for “The Sims 4” just hits too close to home. It's not a game anymore; it's life simplified to its harshest moments. See if you can find all the chillingly authentic moments we've outlined below.

1. Having to listen to a buff person talk at the gym. 

2. Taking a selfie with a pal, only to realize there's an unsmiling photobomber who reminds you of how stupid you look.

3. Enduring the most depressing moments of your life during a comedy show. 

4. Realizing your spouse wants to be a novelist.

5. Only having the confidence to dance when accompanied by your boring spouse.

6. Being eaten by a cowheaded flytrap. 

Grim. And yet, I will still play the hell of it. 

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