‘It’s Always Sunny’s’ Rob McElhenney is coming to ‘The Mindy Project’

07.31.14 3 years ago

“It”s Always Sunny”s” Rob McElhenney is coming to “The Mindy Project”
He”ll guest as Ike Barinholtz”s cousin.

Brands tried jumping on the “Sharknado 2” bandwagon
Companies from Victoria” Secret to Bud Lite to Dominoes to Ritz crackers all had “Sharknado”-themed tweets on hand during the Syfy movie. PLUS: Tara Reid releasing “Shark” perfume, why “Sharknado 2” was so glorious, where does it rank among sh*tty movies?, “Sharknado 2” inspires Internet memes, the ratings weren”t spectacular, and “Sharknado 2” is the future of television.

“Galavant” casts John Stamos as a singing knight
He”ll guest as Galavant”s longtime rival. PLUS: Introducing “Sad Full House.”

“Homeland” adds Mark Moses, plus 2 others
The “Desperate Housewives” and “Mad Men” alum will join Indian actress Nimrat Kaur and “True Lies” star Art Malik in Season 4.

“Mad Men” is No. 1 in viewers skipping ads
TiVo compiled a list of the Top 10 TV shows for ad-skipping from the first half of this year, and AMC had three and FX had three.

“Once Upon a Time” unveils “Frozen” photos
Check out Sven the reindeer.

“Lost” has been huge for Hawaii”s economy
Not only did the ABC drama help Hawaii get through the recession, but it also led to other TV shows and movie projects to film on the islands.

Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Jerry Seinfeld sing a duet of “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” from 2000
“The Late Show” today posted this clip from its archives. PLUS: Louis-Dreyfus talked to Dave about “Seinfeld” turning 25.

UCLA flooding forces Teen Choice Awards to seek a new home
This year”s show was scheduled to take place Aug. 10 at UCLA”s Pauley Pavilion, which is currently recovering from water damage.

Watch Stephen Colbert give “Ask a Grown Man” advice
Colbert answered questions from teens about growing up in a special web video. PLUS: James Franco tried to get Colbert to break character.

Robin Roberts” alleged stalker arrested
Troy Warren, 42, shows up outside ABC”s Times Square studios eight times last month, claiming the “GMA” star owed him money.

Why do people hate Allison Williams?
Is the “Girls” and “Peter Pan Live” star too closely identified with Marnie?

Uzo Aduba: I never wanted to play “Crazy Eyes” as “crazy”
Read what the “Orange is the New Black” star said in her Reddit AMA. PLUS: Laverne Cox talks about her Emmy nomination with Seth Meyers.

Bravo to begin showing “Real Housewives of Melbourne”
The Australian spinoff debuts on Sunday.

“Nathan For You” actually does have good business tips
As Christy O”Shoney notes, “for a show that mocks American marketing strategies, 'Nathan for You' offers some surprisingly savvy entrepreneurial advice. Watching this show has almost made me want to launch my own company just so I can put these biz tips into action.” PLUS: How “Nathan For You” blows up reality TV.

“The Quest” is the inevitable “Game of Thrones”-inspired reality show
The ABC series mixes reality with Medieval Times. PLUS: Why medieval fiction and reality TV should never meet.

SundanceTV”s timely “The Honorable Woman” manages to navigate the complex Israel-Palestine conflict
“Any series that takes on the Israel-Palestine conflict and does not immediately wander into a morass has accomplished something difficult,” says Willa Paskin. “It takes its subject absolutely as seriously as it should, and in the endless complexity of motivation, the depth of grievance, the weight of history, the impossibility of honor-it oversimplifies very little.” PLUS: Its themes or both topical and eternal, it”s a lavish homage to John le Carré, and it”s Maggie Gyllenhaal”s best performance yet.

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