It’s been a big week for black TV stars

05.10.14 4 years ago

It”s been a big week for black TV stars
Black TV stars got a lot of ink this week, from Larry Wilmore taking over for Stephen Colbert, to Fox picking up “Empire” starring Terrence Howard, to Viola Davis in “How to Get Away With Murder,” to Anthony Anderson in “Black-ish,” and Alfre Woodard playing the president of the United States on “State of Affairs.”

Why it makes business sense to resurrect “Community”
Amazon, for instance, would get a ton of media attention by simply paying for a 6th season and a movie.

See the “Gotham” cast photo
Ben McKenzie”s Jim Gordon is front and center on the Fox series.

Check out the “Empire” cast photo
Terrence Howard gets to sit down as head of a music empire.

Here are posters for new CW shows
From “iZombie” to “The Flash.”

“Vice” could”ve ended up being part of “60 Minutes”
CBS News made an offer to Vice, but its founder opted for HBO and the swearing it affords.

“The Good Wife” creators: More than 500 people had to keep the Josh Charles secret
Robert and Michelle King detail how more they kept the secret from getting out, including having Charles on board so he wouldn”t be attached to other projects that would tip people off. “I actually think all those things combined. I don't think it will happen again,” says Robert King. “I don't think you can keep secrets like this with the Internet.”

Cecily Strong & Colin Jost give an update on their “SNL” Weekend Update relationship
Did you know he directed her in a movie last summer?

A “Southern Charm” star has become famous in Austria and Germany
Whitney Sudler-Smith”s face is being splashed in German-speaking newspapers because he”s dating the Austrian equivalent of Jennifer Lawrence.

Why Marvel”s “Agent Carter” is primed for success
The likely to be short-lived “bridge” series for “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” will likely resonate with its audience like the Marvel movies.

How “Nashville”s” Chris Carmack rebounded after being written off “The O.C.”
“You know how most kids look back at college and go, ‘I could have gotten a lot more out of that?” That”s kind of what ‘The O.C.” was for me,” says Carmack of his quick rise to fame in 2003.

“Revenge” boss promises the season finale will pay off Seasons 1 through 3
“We really refocus on the fact that the Graysons are just bad people,” says showrunner Sunil Nayar, “wonderfully bad people, and we wanted to get back to the core of the show so that when we culminate at the end of the story, we not only pay off the second half of the season, but three seasons of the show for the audience.”

Here are “90s teen heartthrobs who”ve resurfaced on TV
From James Van Der Beek to Josh Hartnett to Joey Lawrence.

“SVU” learned of its 16th-season renewal at its wrap party
The news “made it a special wrap party,” says Richard Belzer.

Billy Eichner”s new show with his “Billy on the Street” writer Julie Klausner was pitched as “'Will and Grace”….
“Think of Will and Grace, if one was a six and the other was a seven,” says Eichner.

Credit “Mad Men” for bringing high art to the masses
The AMC series, says Mary McNamara, “not only put AMC on the map but also created a whole new map, one in which nonpremium cable networks could produce high-quality, game-changing dramatic television. Hence all those network-establishing scripted dramas with their troubled but attractive protagonists and, like as not, historical settings.”

Aziz Ansari has found the “Parks and Rec” Leslie and Ben lock in Paris
“Hey it's that thing from that show!”

“Looking” gets spoofed
Watch “Not Looking,” an L.A. take on the HBO gay-themed series.

Vera Farmiga on the “Bates Motel” season finale shocker
“From my perspective, it's pure desperation,” she says.

Watch the new “Girl Meets World” promo
This one deals with the “Girl”s” friendships.

“Rosemary”s Baby's” cast is outstanding, but it's stuck in a slog that can”t escape Roman Polanski”s version
“When you look back on this four-hour, two-night TV production,” says Matt Zoller Seitz, “you'll realize that nearly all of its effective images and moments were culled from the Polanski film, including Rosemary's nightmare of impregnation, her escalating paranoia, the noxious herbal remedy prescribed by her doctor, the short hairdo that Rosemary acquires in the second half (which gives her a bit of a Joan of Arc look), and the darkly comic climax.” PLUS: It”s a dull, clumsy bore, it is a not-entirely-horrible miniseries, and the TV version offers little nuance and no new perspective.

“Penny Dreadful” is bloody good fun
“Set in a dreary, scraggly late-19th-century London, 'Penny Dreadful' has the stateliness of quality period fare,” says Richard Lawson, “but it”s quickly apparent that the series is not going to be some muted exploration of time and place.” He adds: “What the series may lack in 'Mad Men'ian depth it makes up for with heaps of gore and genuine scares.” PLUS: “Penny Dreadful” maintains the over-the-top gore of discount lit while oozing elegance, it does a fine job of capturing that social and personal unease of the Victorian era, there”s so many ways this could”ve gone wrong, and it”s a fascinating, potentially great mess.

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