So long Adam Lambert, hello 3OH!3 on iTunes top 10

06.05.09 8 years ago

So long, Adam Lambert, we hardly knew ye… on the top 10 iTunes songs chart.

Eight out of the 10 tracks on this week’s most-bought iTunes songs list are the same as last week’s, though several tracks experienced big leaps. Only Lambert’s “Mad World” and Linkin Park’s “Great Divide” exited.

Black Eyed Peas continues to lead the list with “Boom Boom Pow,” though two other dance tracks are hot on its heels. Sean Kingston’s “Fire Burning” rockets up to No. 2 and Pitbull’s equally firey “I Know You Want Me” trails right behind.

Katy Perry’s “Waking Up in Vegas,” which sits at No. 5, is buttressed by Lady GaGa on either side: “LoveGame” is at No. 4 and “Poker Face” is at No. 6. The former wasn’t even on the list last week. Read about HitFix’s critics’ opinions on “LoveGame” here.

AI winner Kris Allen’s two top-selling songs “No Boundaries” and Kanye West cover “Heartless” stay in the running, at No. 7 and No. 9 after being interviewed and performing on every morning show ever, promoting his victory.

Don’t Stop Believin’,” the nearly a capella cover of the Journey song by the cast of “Glee,” falls from No. 2 to No. 8.

The only other new entry in the top 10 this week is from newcomer duo 3OH!3, with “Don’t Trust Me,” at No. 10.

Our thoughts on “Don’t Trust Me”:

The Good:
The funnest, hottest thing to hit Warped Tour since “free hugs” badges
“Tell you’re your boyfriend/that if he’s got beef/that I’m a vegetarian/and I ain’t fuckin’ scared of him”
Exactly what you want a band from Southern California to sound like

The Bad:
“Don’t trust a ho”
They’re not from Southern California

Representative lyric:
“Woooo, woooo-oo-oo.”

The verdict:
Your early summer jam, with a dark side

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