Jack White unleashes big bag of weird in new ‘Lazaretto’ music video: Watch

06.04.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

Well, that”s one way to get a visual effect. At about 2:16 in his new black-and-white clip for “Lazaretto,” Jack White spits on the camera lens and the next portion of the trippy video is shot through the filter of his own body fluid.  And that”s not even the strangest thing in the clip.

There”s a big bag of disconnected weirdness going on in the video, whether it”s a flying baseball that shatters the glass that floats through much of the clip or the bullet holes that appear in a pane of glass between White and the camera. Then there”s the raging bull, spinning race car, exploding guitar, the lipsticked man tattooed with a huge image of Jack White on his chest, and the transsexual dancer writhing around at the end. Really, take your pick; here”s probably something there for you. The only unifier is that everything is in motion: even White's shadow dances on its own.

A lazaretto is a quarantine station for sea travelers and the goods they traveled with. So it”s possible, though this is probably overt hiking it, that the over-the-top images connect with some kind of deer drew, that any quarantined for  a long period of time could have. But it”s more likely that White and directors Jonas & Francois just decided to come up with this kaleidoscope of images to give the video the same frenetic feel as the fuzzy, distorted song.  
“Lazaretto,” White”s second solo album, comes out June 10 and is strewing on iTunes in full now. White appears on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on June 9.

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