Jaimie Alexander’s Chewbacca impression is SERIOUSLY impressive

07.13.15 2 years ago

It”s easy to get a little distracted at Comic-Con. HitFix Harpy caught up with Jaimie Alexander to talk about her brand-new show “Blindspot.” However, the opening small talk soon turned into a hidden gem as Alexander revealed her hidden talent for speaking Shyriiwook!

She”s tall, she”s action oriented, and she”s got the accent down. If Lucasfilm needed a lady Wookiee, Jaimie Alexander would be a smart choice. Just sayin”.

Back on topic about “Blindspot,” I asked Alexander about stepping into Jane Doe”s shoes after playing Sif in the Thor movies. She said, “I really wanted something I could do that uses all my abilities as an actress, but also have it a little more reality-based so that not every strong female you see is a superhero.”

Continuing with that theme, Alexander added: “For this show, I really wanted to let the viewers know ‘This could be you.” Everything we put in the show is actually something that exists. Which is creepy.”

Bonus: Alexander also confirmed she”s set to appear in 2017″s “Thor: Ragnarok.”

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