Aren’t you just dying to see a photo of James Franco being fellated by a skeleton?

06.05.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Gentle, James Franco, gentle…You wouldn’t want to crush the delicate skeleton’s fragile bones. Or hurt its feelings by making it think you’re just using it for blow jobs and comedy fodder. Treat that old bag of bones with a little respect!

James Franco’s sexuality has long been a topic of rumor and speculation (see: “Maybe I’m just gay” and the “30 Rock” sex pillow thing), and it seems the actor/director/writer/musician/visual artist/poet/performance artist/critic/host/model/columnist/video artist/spokesperson/teacher/student has decided to further confuse us by simulating fellatio with a skeleton for a GQ photo spread. “Maybe James is actually a necrophiliac,” you can almost hear the chorus of pop culture junkies exclaim. “Or perhaps he just likes ’em real skinny.”

This photo was shot by Terry Richardson for GQ’s Comedy Issue, their fifth annual, which has James on its cover and features additional photos of his “This Is the End” co-stars Seth Rogen and Danny McBride. And now I suppose I have to go in and add “comedian” to that list of descriptions.

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